Methyl B12 Benefits

Methyl B12 Benefits

The best way to find out if you are deficient in any vitamin is through a blood test. My blood test showed I was low on B-12. My doctor recommended Methyl-B-12 for its easy absorption.  The reason I order Methyl B-12 from GNC is they have caplets. I’ve tried sublingual before and it seems to take forever to dissolve.

Methyl-B-12 has given me more energy, better sleep, and I feel it has improved my memory.

Some of the other possible benefits;

Methyl B-12
Better absorption
  • Prevent Megaloblastic Anemia
  • Help Prevent Neurological Diseases like Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Prevent Inflammation
  • Enhance Energy Levels
  • Improve Memory
  • Improve Metabolism
  • Improve the Health of Hair, Nails, and Skin
  • Help Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

First Steps to Getting Healthy

First Steps to Getting Healthy

My first steps to getting healthy was to join a gym. I knew I needed to lose weight and improve my cardio. I kept thinking tomorrow I would put on my running shoes get out and walk. Hoping to gradually increase to a running. Tomorrow seemed to never to show up. As the saying goes when enough becomes enough you will do something about it and I did.

Pacific Island Fitness was my next stop. I made my commitment to go 5 days a week. The first day I walked in I was a little taken a back. There were some very fit people in there but I had paid my money and I was determined not to waste it. As I made friends I started to enjoy going more and more. I also started learning about supplements to lose weight and enhance my workouts.

First Steps to Getting Healthy
Join a fitness center

The Health Benefits of Exercising Regularly

Benefits of Working Out at a Gym

As we get older our metabolism slows down and its harder to stay in shape. After the age of 40, I was gaining weight and losing muscle tone and strength. Now I’m the guy from time to time who had a home gym in his garage. As I used it less and less, it became a great place to hang things. I needed motivation.

If you need the motivation to stay in shape a gym membership is a way to go. You will meet new people. This gave me a sense of direction and new friends.  I was able to learn about different supplements to Benefits of working out at a gymenhance my workouts.

Low Levels of Testosterone in Men


Low levels of testosterone in men

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the human body. In men, it is mostly produced by the testicles. It affects men’s appearance and sexual development. I started to notice subtle changes after age 40.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone in men?

Everyone is different. Some of the most common symptoms are;

Hair loss


Do you know if you have low testosterone
Do you know if you have low testosterone

Body Fat

Loss of Muscle

Mood Changes

Low Sex Drive

Always consult with a doctor you trust. They can run tests to be sure what is causing your symptoms. Once you have the cause you can come up with an action plan.

I use BioXGenic High Test-Testosterone Support for my low Testosterone. They have different brands to choose from. That’s the one I like.



Mens Health Over 40

Men’s Health Over 40

After age 40 I started to notices subtle changes. My energy level started going down, weight gain, restless sleep, vision, hearing, digestive, diminished sexual desire and urinary incontinence problems.

Mens Health Over 40
After age 40 I started to notices subtle changes.

I talked with my doctor about these problems. His comment was they were all part of the aging process. His solution was prescription drugs. There are prescription drugs I do take but for the most part, I try not to make Big Pharma rich. With regular exercise, a good diet and supplements I’m able to regulate most of my aging problems.